Hugh’s Favorite Posts

You, in the front. With the rack.

You, in the front. With the rack.

As the blog ages, the older posts that create some chatter will be hidden. This will be a section to keep those posts alive and in your hearts forever ❤

  1. The Science of Flirting
  2. How to Spot a Crazy Person
  3. If you use Pick-Up Lines, you’re gonna have a bad time
  4. The Friend Zone
  5. You WILL NOT die alone
  6. Tips on how to be an Alpha Male
  7. A Patriot’s Open Letter to ‘Murricuh
  8. The Big Break Up…or Down
  9. (Self Titled Post) Operation: Love
  10. Attraction Is Not Only for Magnets
  11. A Truthful Dating Resume
  12. Healthy Relationships are NOT a Myth
  13. Moderation and Boundaries
  14. A Hateful Rant from a Good Person
  15. Hugh Received His First Hate Mail
  16. Love and Order: SVHugh (Hate Mail Response)
  17. Reviving Chivalry
  18. Nice Guys Don’t Finish.
  19. The Science of Connecting
  20. The Twilight Zone: Addiction
  21. Marriage isn’t for you
  22. An Open Letter to America: Regarding Drug Laws
  23. The Hook Up Culture: The Generation Has Never Fallen in Love
  24. Apologies to the Fans of Love
  25. An Honest Video Dating Profile
  26. Insanity with a Message

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