About the Author

“Once you realize what a big joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense.”

-Edward Blake

I’m not big enough to have a 3rd person biography. No brain-trust got together to write this. I’m speaking from the soul and trying to be honest as possible about my craft. I study comedy like a scientist and perform it with an artist’s heart. Every joke that comes from my unusually dark mind stems from life experience and desolation. There was no “bursting onto the scene” or “taking the comedy world by storm” or even “fast-rising.” Anything that I have gotten through stand up comedy was through hard work and perseverance. My motto quickly became “Step over the bodies.” With every intention of being the last man standing, I started laughing when normal people would cry.

Tired of being the casual observer, one day in 2010 I stopped using my sense of humor as a masking device or defense mechanism; I took to the stage. I see everything. It’s a burden and a blessing. The things you don’t want me to see, I see. I am constantly questioning and my mind never stops moving. Getting stuck in my head is like being in a torture chamber. Being by myself for a day is like being handcuffed to the last person who tried to kill me. Most people see a clock and accept what time it is, I like to see what makes it tick. I like to bring a shadowy, surreal brand of humor to the stage that makes my audiences laugh in spite of their moral compass. No person or topic is safe from the vitriol. Not even myself.

“When you hit rock bottom, sometimes the only thing to do is break out a jack hammer.” -HDM4

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