4 comments on “Reviewing Internet Dating Sites

  1. OK Cupid is free, and doesn’t require any fees unless you wanted upgrades. These u[grades remove ads, and other things. I have better luck there than the rest of the sites combined. This was entertaining! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the information. I’ll give it a shot then. I’m not into spending money for dating sites.

      • I wrote that fast! uPgrades* Yeah, if love doesn’t cost a thing, why should you flip a bill for false hopes and expectations? OK Cupid does their own socio psych studies to determine how people use their website. You can review these on their own blog website at http://blog.okcupid.com/. I find them very intriguing. They have a five star rating system, notifying anyone of a possible interest with 4 to 5 star ratings. Any rating below is shit canned. When there’s a mutual interest, the website notifies you to start a conversation. Due to being a free service, most attractive women on there have a maxed out inbox of 300 messages, unless they buy an upgrade for more “man spam.”

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